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Daycare Service

Top-Notched Childcare Services

We understand leaving your kids in the care of others can be scary, but here at Little Scholars Academy,  providing a safe and nurturing environment for children is our top priority, creating a place where kids of all ages can learn, grow and play! We promise in our care that your kids are safe, feeding nutritious meals and snacks that are essential and healthy, and highly sanitary and hygienic. In these trying times, we want the health of the children to be the best. 
With a loving and caring staff — adept and experienced with working with children — and our daily program design for the best care, we ensure that your children will be comfortable and managed well. 

Fun and Learning 

There is a wide range of fun and engaging games and activities to keep your child entertained and stimulate their imagination. It's important to have children learn the importance of their creativity and to learn to cooperate with others. To succeed in this, we offer many ways for kids to interact, learn respect, and play with each other. 

Alongside this, at Little Scholars our curriculum is filled with educational activities helping them to learn about the world, and themselves, and prepare them for school. You can read more on this on both our Toddler Service and Pre-kindergarten pages. 

We Are A Great Option

For parents who may be too busy during the work week, or are suffering from an imbalance schedule, no worries we're here to help you out too. It's hard to manage your child alongside your schedule, so you don't have to pick and choose to the detriment of both you and your child. We will gladly care for the child during the day, so you can manage and balance your time and focus on your work.

Want Updates?

Communication with parents is key! For us to properly care for your child, we know that your word and engagement are important, so won't be left out of anything on your child's doing. Any changes in your child's health, progression, etc. you will be immediately contacted so you can know. If your child suffers from any allergies or needs medication, please update us as well, as we can handle it accordingly.

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Join our school today and download, print, and fill our forms. We welcome your child and your family and look forward to having you here.

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