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Toddler Service

Manners and Good Behavior

As their first community, Little Scholars Academy teaches Toddlers manners and proper behavior. We strongly believe that good manners are the key to success in life and that every child deserves the opportunity to learn them, it's a good skill for both home and school to kindly ask and to behave properly. This is why our curriculum at the Academy is designed to allow toddlers to practice and perfect their manners through a variety of activities and experiences. Some of the manners that are taught at the Academy include: saying please and thank you, having good table manners, speaking in a quiet voice, and being respectful of others.


Great Classroom Experience

Our curriculum for toddlers is designed to be exciting and engaging, tailored towards their interests and for them to have fun and play. We believe that toddlers learn best through active play and exploration, and our curriculum is designed to encourage and support this. We offer a wide variety of activities and experiences for toddlers to enjoy, including art, music, movement, events, and field trips, and to help develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.


Potty Training

Throughout our day of playing, learning, reading, and socialization, we also add potty training into our schedule. We will help your children learn to properly use the bathrooms, and help prepare them to be able to use them all on their own.

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