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Kindergarten Preparation 

Little Scholar Academy takes part in two Georgia Lottery Programs! This FREE lottery-funded educational program is for kids to gain extra education in preparation for Kindergarten. This is a free lottery for children who turn 4 years old before September 1st. 


This is voluntary for families and providers, and there may not be enough space for every child who wishes to enroll and participate, so enroll NOW, and we'll try our best to make the effort to create space for every child who enrolled.


Just Like School

This Pre-K program operates on a regular school calendar, and days are the length of the typical school day. In addition, our program helps to ensure academic and social success. We offer a structured setting where students can learn important routines and establish good habits. This includes learning how to follow directions, taking turns, and identifying letters, numbers, and shapes, and much like our other services for children, we encourage creativity and play, to build their confidence and imagination. 

Overall, the Pre-K program provides a solid foundation for education by giving children a head start so we can set them up for success in their journey of life.

Join Us Today

Join our school today and download, print, and fill our forms. We welcome your child and your family and look forward to having you here.

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2591 Jerome Rd, College Park

Atlanta, GA 30349









Main: (404) 701-9026

Fax: (404)761-9956

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